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Made in the USA

In purchasing from Giving Dog you are showing support for American manufacturers that are working to keep the textile industry alive in the USA.

Made from Organic Cotton

You will feel comfortable and cozy in tee-shirts made of high-quality organic cotton that is environmentally friendly and sourced responsibly.

Made for Dog and Yoga Fans

We have combined the sense of joy a dog brings with the calming feeling of yoga in celebration of those who love both.

We are here to celebrate all the beautiful gifts dogs bring to us daily. Their joy and unconditional love. And of course, their playful and healing nature.

With each Giving Dog purchase, we make a donation to organizations that train and provide service dogs to those in need at no cost. You can wear your shirt or hat with pride, knowing you have helped bring a giving dog into someone’s life that will keep them safe and bring a smile to their face.

“Your Giving Dog tee-shirt will be the softest and most comfortable shirt you own.”

Our products

Made in the United States with organic materials and care for dog and yoga lovers.

Giving Dog

The Giving Dog’s Lotus Pose is grounding and profoundly expansive. It directs your energy, awareness and centers you. It is also featured on one of the softest t-shirts you can buy! Read More
Giving Dog

Product Features

Whether at rest or play Giving Dog helps you unleash your
inner dog while supporting the American textile industry.
  • Playful product design

    Have fun with designs that celebrate and unleash your inner dog
  • We love dogs and yoga

    Our designs emulate the joy and love we feel for dogs and yoga.
  • Proudly Made in America

    We support American manufacturers in our mission to help bring the textile industry back to the USA.
  • Organic and Cost efficient

    Our shirts are soft, durable and made from high-quality organic materials.
  • So enjoyable to wear

    Our products are a fun, comfy and cozy addition to any closet.
  • Conversation Starters

    Wear to yoga class or on dog walks to give dog people who love yoga an opportunity to start conversations and share stories.

Kylie M.

What a fun shirt that I love to wear. I get lots of comments.

Marcus S.

Love my warrior dog shirt. Shows who I really am.

Jess G.

I wear my Giving Dog hat everywhere. My kids love it.

Meet the Dogs

You can be a mighty tree, a warrior spirit, a plane in flight, or a generous soul
in the comfort of soft, organic cotton that looks as good as you feel.
  • Giving Dog

    The Giving Dog's Lotus Pose is grounding and profoundly expansive. It directs your energy, awareness and centers you.
  • Tree Dog

    The Tree Dog's Pose brings forth a sense of inner peace. Rooted without rigidness to plant deep roots and ground one to the earth.
  • Plane Dog

    The Plane Dog's pose is calm and focused while helping you reach new heights. He emulates relaxation, stability, and strength.
  • Shoulderstand Dog

    The Sholderstand Dog's pose supports every limb while reversing the body energetically and physically at the same time.
  • Warrior Dog

    The Warrior Dog's pose is peaceful and also represents the perseverance of your spiritual self as you journey through life.

A giving dog...

Learn More
  • embodies boundless, unconditional love.
  • welcomes you home no matter how far you have traveled.
  • is a faithful companion that will never abandon you.
  • is a calming force that helps you stay centered and grounded.
  • brings light to your darkest moments.
  • helps you find peace in turbulent times in your life.
  • will always be by your side.

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