When Baxter, my Golden Retriever, was first handed to me when he was 10 weeks old I knew I had a very special little blonde bundle. I know everyone thinks their dog is the best, most loving and special little bundle of joy but Baxter was a very unique dog.

Like most dogs always extremely happy to see you and very loving to all. He would always greet you with a cool wet nose and if you were lucky a little “goose” from behind. Black was his favorite color because he could leave a little reminder behind after he said his hellos.

Baxter had an uncanny nose and could smell food literally from a mile away. Each day we would head to the dog park to meet and greet his neighborhood friends and get a few treats.

One Saturday we were all playing in the park when suddenly Baxter’s head popped up and fuzzy ears raised…the nose was working. I had seen this many times before, he had the scent! All of a sudden he turned on his heels and took off in the direction of a sweet older lady sitting on a bench about to enjoy her lunch on the beautiful afternoon.

As he charged her with fur a flying I could hear her say in the distance “wow, what a lovely dog!” As she reached out to pat him on the head, he used this opportunity to snatch the entire sandwich off her lap. It never had a chance…gone in one bite.

As she stood out of total disbelief looking for the owner of this thief, Baxter simply trotted off back to his friends to brag about his latest conquest. I can still hear her yelling right now!!

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