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The Giving Dog's Lotus Pose is grounding and profoundly expansive. It directs your energy, awareness and centers you. It is also featured on one of the softest t-shirts you can buy!

All Giving Dog shirts are made from fine imported organic cotton and made in the USA. Our t-shirts are light-weight, 4.3 ounces combed ringspun cotton (a premium process that makes the shirts stronger and smoother inside and out) that is comfortable and super soft.

T-shirts are true to size. Promise.

Giving Dog Overview

The lotus pose is also called Padmasana. It is grounding and profoundly expansive. It directs your energy, awareness and centers you at the same time.

Lotus has the potential to awaken dormant energy known as kundalini at the base of the spine and run that energy throughout the chakra system. It is a calming pose and a staple for all who partake of yoga.

Having a dog in your life is also an incredibly crucial staple if you are a dog lover. A dog that gives it’s heart and life to you and your family. That protects the children and plays with them growing up. A steadfast companion that stays with you through every up and down on this rollercoaster we call life.

A true giving dog will love you unconditionally and be a cornerstone of your home and heart. Keep that special soul in mind while wearing something fun and comfortable that helps match people in need with a giving dog that can come into their lives and lift their spirits.

Go on strolls with your dog, throw a frisbee and take selfies to your heart’s content with your four-legged pal. You are bound to turn heads and start conversations while wearing any of our Giving Dog shirts. Talk about a giving dog in your life. Sometimes the simplest stories hold the most meaning and joy de vivre.


Shirt Details

Our supplier uses a special printing technique that uses environmentally friendly water-based inks that become part of your shirt without using harsh chemicals, or plastisol ink (used in most t-shirt printing) that can crack, peel and lose softness over time.

Plus, all of our shirts are tagless, making them even more comfortable to wear.

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