Tree Dog


The Tree Dog's Pose brings forth a sense of inner peace. Rooted without rigidness to plant deep roots and ground one to the earth. It is also featured on one of the softest t-shirts you can buy!

All Giving Dog shirts are made from fine imported organic cotton and made in the USA. Our t-shirts are light-weight, 4.3 ounces combed ringspun cotton (a premium process that makes the shirts stronger and smoother inside and out) that is comfortable and super soft.

T-shirts are true to size. Promise.

Tree Dog Overview

The tree pose, also called Vriksha-asana, encourages one to be grounded like a tree with deep roots. Your eyes are open as you focus on a balanced body representing a mind at rest. This will give you a sense of inner peace, easing and focusing your mind at the same time. After achieving the perfect balance, you can hold the pose with your eyes closed.

Reflect on what ways has your dog helped you stay grounded. They certainly have a way of helping us clear our minds, relax, and regain focus, don’t you think?

When you wear your Tree Dog shirt, be reminded of tough times in your life that you stayed grounded thanks to your best buddy, your dog.


Shirt Details

Our supplier uses a special printing technique that uses environmentally friendly water-based inks that become part of your shirt without using harsh chemicals, or plastisol ink (used in most t-shirt printing) that can crack, peel and lose softness over time.

Our shirts have only ONE tag that is small and super soft. No itchy, bothersome tags here!

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