Warrior Dog


The Warrior Dog's pose is peaceful and also represents the perseverance of your spiritual self as you journey through life. It is also featured on one of the softest t-shirts you can buy!

All Giving Dog shirts are made from fine imported organic cotton and made in the USA. Our t-shirts are light-weight, 4.3 ounces combed ringspun cotton (a premium process that makes the shirts stronger and smoother inside and out) that is comfortable and super soft.

T-shirts are true to size. Promise.

Warrior Dog Overview

The Warrior Pose is also called Virabhadrasana. It contains three levels based on your body’s flexibility and strength. It may seem counterintuitive for a warrior to be such a notable character in a place of peaceful meditation. But, to us, it represents your spirit taking on life’s challenges.

Now, take a moment to envision how the companionship of your dog resembles the warrior.

Your dog is your number one champion with unwavering devotion and loyalty
Your dog perseveres throughout all stages of his life while remaining your rock
Your dog has a depth of understanding the world as it is and embraces it fully
This is what makes your spiritual self stronger. Be like the warrior dog. Adapt and better yourself every day.

This shirt celebrates what dogs model for us. Dogs only know to adapt. They do not know how to give up. They are warriors.


Shirt Details

Our supplier uses a special printing technique that uses environmentally friendly water-based inks that become part of your shirt without using harsh chemicals, or plastisol ink (used in most t-shirt printing) that can crack, peel and lose softness over time.

Our shirts have only ONE tag that is small and super soft. No itchy, bothersome tags here!

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